We’d like to thank everyone running a Chainpoint Node and building applications using the new Chainpoint Client. If you’re creating something using Chainpoint, please contact us.

Changes Coming

Our team prefers to discuss what the Tierion Network can do today, instead of promising what it might do tomorrow. Occasionally, it’s necessary to preview what’s coming in the future. Our team is working on a substantial update to the Chainpoint software. Some goals include:

  • Nodes can join the network at any time.
  • Changes to the audit/reward systems. Bye lotto.
  • Node health data will be securely communicated to each node.

This update is still a ways off from being released. We felt it was important to make everyone building tools to manage and monitor Chainpoint nodes aware that changes are coming.

Additional Registered Nodes

On December 12th at 2:00pm PT (22:00 UTC) an additional 1,000 nodes joined the Tierion network. This brings the total number of publicly registered nodes to 3,000. Additional nodes will be able to register during the first week of January.

Latest Release

Node operators should upgrade to version 1.3.3. Upgrading takes a few seconds. Nodes will automatically attempt to register when upgraded.

Chainpoint Client (beta)

The Chainpoint Client makes it easy to create software that uses Chainpoint. This javascript client can be used in both browser and node.js based applications using callback functions, Promises (using .then.catch), or Promises (using async/await) functional styles. We’ve created a live code notebook on Runkit that demonstrates how to use the Chainpoint client.

github iconhttps://github.com/chainpoint/chainpoint-client-js

Developers to test the client and submit any issues to the Chainpoint Client Github repo.

We’re Hiring

Tierion has multiple openings for experienced developers to join our team in San Francisco. Our toolchain is based on Node.js, CockroachDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, and Consul. We keep everything glued together with Docker, Docker Compose, and Kubernetes. We work hard and have a lot of fun. View full job description

Follow Us

Follow Chainpoint development on Github. Keep up to date by following Tierion on Twitter.