Chainpoint Node version 1.1.10 was released on Thursday. This release further improved the speed of downloading and verifying calendar data, audit enhancements, and improvements to the reliability of proof generation. All node operators are encouraged to upgrade.

We collected over 350 responses to our survey. Every suggestion has been read and your feedback is being incorporated into future development.

Rewards & Node Registration

In the coming week, rewards and registration will be open to a limited number of nodes. We plan on scaling the number of nodes throughout the launch phase, which is expected to last several weeks. During this period, there will be updates to the software, network, and node requirements.

Two hundred nodes will be able to register next week.


  • Upgrade to a new version of the Chainpoint Node software
  • The minimum required TNT balance per node will be 5,000 TNT

Node registration will reset on or before October 13th. The reset will be announced several hours in advance. Registration will be open to ten nodes at a time. This process will repeat at intervals throughout the day until two hundred nodes have registered.

Nodes will continue to be audited every thirty minutes. For each audit period, a single node that passes two consecutive hours of audits will receive 500 TNT.

We aim to have a diverse set of nodes from a wide variety of node operators. For those who’d like to participate, we recommend preparing one or two nodes that meet the new registration requirements.

Once testing with two hundred nodes has been completed, registration will be open to an additional fixed number of nodes.


We’ve outgrown Telegram. We’ve narrowed down our options to Rocket Chat or Gitter. If you have a strong opinion on which tool best supports the community, please email

New Team Members

Michael Tidwell has joined Tierion as an Infrastructure Engineer. Michael previously worked in dev ops at Liasion. He’s the co-host of the popular Blocktime podcast and organizer of the Atlanta’s largest blockchain meetup. We’re thrilled to have him onboard!