It’s been a week since the Tierion Network went online. We’re currently in a launch phase where we’re analyzing how the network performs, collecting data, and optimizing the infrastructure.

Over a thousand Chainpoint nodes were running within 24 hours. This quickly scaled up to over 10,000 active nodes, exceeding our most optimistic projections.

People couldn’t wait to download and run a Chainpoint Node.

Our team worked around the clock to answer customer support questions, fix bugs, and improve the network. We’d like to thank everyone who reported issues and helped us diagnose problems.

Glenn tells Jason to get back to work. Michael agrees.

To optimize productivity, Tierion CEO Wayne Vaughan, slept on the streets of downtown San Francisco. Going home is for quitters.

Concrete can be surprisingly comfortable.

Why No Big Announcements?

We’re in launch phase. To test the Tierion Network, we need to collect data and optimize the network infrastructure with real users and attackers. We anticipate the launch phase will last several weeks. During that period we’ll be making frequent updates to the software and requirements. We will not be migrating any Tierion customers to the Tierion Network until the launch phase is complete.


Tierion has an active community of over 3,800 members in our Telegramchannel. The thousands of messages per day have made it difficult to manage. We will be opening up another community. We’re considering using Slack, Discord, RocketChat, or Gitter.


We’ve been listening to community feedback and have implemented the following changes.

  • Nodes must have a unique IP to register. Nodes can no longer register with a domain name.
  • Nodes must run the most current version of the software to be eligible for rewards.
  • Nodes automatically receive enough credits to submit the maximum number of hashes to Core per day. This model will remain active until further notice. At this time, there is no need to convert TNT to credits.

Rewards will be turned off this week. Node operators should upgrade their software to the latest version. Here’s a link to instructions.

When rewards are re-enabled, we anticipate they will be changed as follows:

  • Rewards will be reduced to 500 TNT per thirty minute reward period.
  • The minimum required balance per Node will be 5,000 TNT.

These changes are designed to reduce the number of nodes on the network and allow us to continue to run tests with data from real users. We anticipate making further changes to the reward and audit process during this launch phase.

Node operators should understand that the network has just launched and is undergoing testing.

Weekly Updates

Each week, we’ll publish a post with new information. We’d like to thank everyone who has joined our community, run a node, and helped us during this first week.

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