EVRYTHNG’s Blockchain Integration Hub Integrates Chainpoint To Track Supply Chain Provenance

EVRYTHNG announced they’re using Chainpoint to track the provenance of consumer goods throughout the supply chain. Consumers can now verify that provenance data has not been altered after being recorded in the EVRYTHNG platform. Who is EVRYTHNG? EVRYTHNG helps leading brands manage billions of product identities, collect real-time data from IoT devices, and track product … Continue reading

Consensus 2018 Hackathon Winners Use Chainpoint

We’re thrilled that the first and second place winners of the Consensus 2018 Hackathon used Chainpoint in their projects! The Coindesk challenge was to use blockchain technology to improve traceability in a GrowNYC’s food supply chain. The hackathon was hosted at Microsoft’s Times Square office in New York. Nearly 200 developers participated in the event. Congratulations to … Continue reading

The Original Tierion Application Is Retiring To Make Way For Proof

We’re retiring the original Tierion application to make way for a new product we’re creating called Proof. Existing Tierion customers can continue to use the original application at https://v1.tierion.com until December 31st 2018. We encourage existing customers and new developers to use Chainpoint. Tierion Broke New Ground The original Tierion application has been a remarkable success. When we … Continue reading

Tierion Network Update — May 3, 2018

Chainpoint Node UI Preview Release Today marks the launch of the Chainpoint Node UI Preview Release. Node Operators now have an easy way to view their node’s activity and status. Please upgrade to version Chainpoint version 1.4.1. The Activity view provides a near real-time view into Node Activity. The About view provides answers to Node Operator’s most … Continue reading

Tierion Uses CockroachDB To Scale to 100 Million Blockchain Proofs Per Day

Cockroach Labs recently invited Tierion’s VP Engineering, Glenn Rempe, to present how the Chainpoint Network uses CockroachDB to scale to 100M+ blockchain proofs per day. CockroachDB is an open source, horizontally scalable distributed SQL database. It was developed by a team of former Google employees that spent twenty years building out Google’s core infrastructure. Read the full story on … Continue reading

Xero Integrates With Tierion To Secure Accounting Data Using Chainpoint

Xero’s API team has developed a project that uses Chainpoint to prove the integrity and timestamp of accounting data by anchoring it to the Bitcoin blockchain. What is Xero? Xero provides cloud-based accounting software to over 1.2 million customers in 180 countries. They’re one of the fastest growing software as a service companies globally. How does Xero use Chainpoint? Xero Developer … Continue reading

Introducing Tierion’s Community Guidelines

Our Current Community Tierion has an active community with thousands of members. Discussions primarily take place on Discord and Telegram. Conversation topics include technical assistance, node operations, and the occasional meme in the #random channel. What’s Changing? We are introducing community guidelines so our community platforms can continue to be a place for engagement, growth, and learning for everyone. Tierion’s … Continue reading

Community Guidelines

Welcome Thank you for being part of the Tierion Community. These common-sense guidelines ensure everyone will continue to provide a platform for our members to engage, learn and grow. These guidelines will be reviewed regularly and updated as the needs of our community change. The Basics Get to know Tierion and become a part of … Continue reading

Tierion Network Update — April 11, 2018

Rewards Queue Today marks the launch of the rewards queue. Previously, a single Chainpoint Node that passed all audits was randomly selected and issued a reward. This model has ended. Here’s how the new model works: Public Chainpoint Nodes are placed in a queue and given an audit score. Nodes that pass audits get a … Continue reading

Liaison Partners With Tierion To Secure Enterprise Data Using Blockchain Proof Technology

Liaison is using Tierion’s blockchain proof engine to improve data security in healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, financial services, and other industries. Who is Liaison? Liaison provides integration and data management technology to more than 7,000 customers in 46 countries. The company’s flagship product is ALLOY, a cloud-based platform that gives enterprises a unified place to store, manage, and secure their … Continue reading