Chainpoint saw strong growth in 2018. We’re thrilled that so many organizations are using Chainpoint in real business applications. Our team worked hard to make Chainpoint the fastest and easiest technology for developers to anchor data to Bitcoin. We continue making progress toward our mission of building a global proof engine to safeguard the world’s data.


  1. The Chainpoint Network grew to over 6,000 public Chainpoint Nodes and several hundred private nodes in 2018.
  2. Chainpoint is being used in live software applications. We’re thrilled that Chainpoint is not just being used in proof of concepts, but in real applications for real customers. The majority of the applications are outside the blockchain industry.
  3. The Chainpoint Node software was rearchitected to improve performance. Each individual node is capable of generating over 50 million proofs per day on inexpensive hardware.
  4. The first and second place winners of the Consensus 2018 Hackathon used Chainpoint. This highlights the ease of use and broad applicability of Chainpoint.
  5. Chainpoint has seen strong organic growth. Anyone can use Chainpoint like a global utility without a contractual arrangement with a third party.
  6. Chainpoint has become even easier to implement. Developers typically complete an integration in an afternoon with no professional assistance.
  7. The Chainpoint Web Client makes it easy to add the ability to create and verify Chainpoint proofs to any website or mobile application.


  1. Regulatory uncertainty has cast a shadow over the entire blockchain industry and slowed everyone’s ability to deliver innovation. We hope this ambiguity is clarified in 2019 and are encouraged by developments such as the Token Taxonomy Act.
  2. Many customers have migrated from the original Tierion application to the Chainpoint Network, but several still haven’t made the switch. The original Tierion application will be available until Q2 2019 to give customers additional time to migrate.
  3. Through out 2018, the markets and the community saw chaos. Many projects had to counteract phishing attacks, misinformation campaigns from speculators, and other tactics seemingly designed to move token prices. Our team chose to counteract this trend by consistently delivering great technology, focusing on real world adoption, and minimizing any forward looking statements. We felt this was the responsible approach given market conditions.

Goals for 2019

Publish the first roadmap for Chainpoint

The broad decline in crypto markets has shaken out speculators. We now feel more comfortable publishing forward looking plans. The first Chainpoint roadmap will be published in Q1 2019.

Chainpoint Logic App Launch

The Chainpoint Logic App developed in conjunction with Microsoft is scheduled to launch in January 2019. This will make Chainpoint accessible to millions of new developers.

Increase Adoption of Chainpoint

We’re thrilled with the real world adoption of Chainpoint. Our goal in 2019 is to accelerate adoption and make it even easier for developers to integrate Chainpoint into their applications.

Multiple Core Operators

We’re focused on growing the network of independent operators of Chainpoint Core in 2019.

Chainpoint Roadmap & Highlights 2018

Below is the Chainpoint Roadmap & Highlights for 2018. We’re proud of the real progress and market adoption. Note that this document is published on the final day of the year. This demonstrates our commitment to avoid hype and deliver real technology to the market.


  • Chainpoint JS Client released
  • Chainpoint Node 1.3.4 released
  • 4000 public Chaipoint nodes


Xero first previewed Chainpoint Integration


  • Chainpoint Node 1.3.5 released
  • Reward Increase


  • 5000 public Chainpoint nodes
  • Discord live


Chainpoint API Tutorial released



  • Rewards Increase
  • 6000 public Chainpoint nodes


Peerkey integrates Chainpoint


Ultimus integrates Chainpoint


  • Chainpoint Node 1.3.7 released
  • Rewards increase
  • 500+ more nodes


Partnership with Liaison


  • Rewards queue launched
  • 7500 nodes


Dell integrates Chainpoint into Boomi


Partnership with Xero


Tierion presentation at CockroachDB


  • Chainpoint Node 1.4.1 release
  • Chainpoint Node UI launch


Consensus 2018


Proof Announcement


Consensus 2018 Hackathon — AnchorSupply and Veriphresh


Partnership with EVRYTHNG


SignRequest uses Chainpoint for document time stamping.


  • Chainpoint Node 1.5.0 released
  • Open Registration
  • Calendar optimization 33%


Accredible uses Chainpoint for educational credentials.


TokenSoft integrates Chainpoint to improve regulatory compliance in token sales


  • Chainpoint Node 1.5.2
  • Redis and Postgres to RocksDB


Tierion Joins Hyperledger and Linux Foundation


Featured Company in One World Identity


  • Chainpoint Node 1.5.3 released
  • Full transition to RocksDB. A single Chainpoint Node with this modest hardware configuration was able to receive over 1000 hashes per second and return over 600 proofs per second. In a hybrid test where the node simultaneously received hashes and requests for proofs, the node was able to receive over 250 hashes per second and return over 500 proofs per second.


Chainpoint Web Client Preview


SilverStripe integrates with Chainpoint


KrakenIM integrates Chainpoint


Chainpoint Roughtime Service


Messari Launch Partner


Jungla integrates with Chainpoint


  • Chainpoint Node 1.5.4
  • HTTPS Support (experimental)
  • finalize the migration to RocksDB

Thank You

We’d like to thank everyone that used Chainpoint and supported the community throughout 2018. Our team is thrilled Chainpoint continues to gain real traction in the market place. We look forward to showing you what we have in store for 2019.