Chainpoint Node 1.5.4 is now available on Github. This release adds optional HTTPS support and improves retries for failed submissions to Core. Chainpoint Nodes must upgrade to 1.5.4 by January 2nd at 12:00 PST (20:00 UTC) to be eligible for rewards.

How To Upgrade a Chainpoint Node

There is a special upgrade command for Chainpoint Node 1.5.4.

curl -sSL | bash

This special command is necessary to remove all unused references to PostgreSQL and Redis and finalize the migration to RocksDB. Future upgrades will use the usual make upgrade command.

Chainpoint 1.5.4 Release Notes

Chainpoint Node — Full Changelog Chainpoint Node — Frequently Asked Questions


  • Upgraded Node.js base Docker image to Node.js 10.14.2 (LTS)
  • Removed deprecated make backup-auth-keys Makefile target. Use make print-auth-keys instead.
  • Removed all references to PostgreSQL, which is no longer used, from docker-compose.yaml.
  • Removed all references to Redis, which is no longer used, from docker-compose.yaml.


  • Optional experimental TLS/HTTPS support and self-signed certificate generation. Requires port 443 open for use. Port 80 will continue to operate the same as before.
  • Retry mechanism on failure to submit an aggregated Merkle Root to Core.
  • Added block_id & block_value to the /verify endpoint as a convenience when verifying a proof
  • Community provided Korean translation of the under the community/translations/* folder.

Build Something With Chainpoint

Want to build something with Chainpoint? Here’s a guide that shows how to use a Chainpoint Node’s API to create a Chainpoint proof. You can use any programming language that supports HTTP calls.

Chainpoint Javascript Client

This javascript client can be used in both Browser and Node.js based Javascript applications using callback functions, Promises (using .then, .catch), or Promises (using async/await) functional styles.

We’ve created a live code notebook on Runkit that demonstrates how to use the client. Developers are encouraged to submit any issues to the Chainpoint Client Github repo.


Stay Updated

Follow Chainpoint development on Github. Anyone can submit an issue or pull request. Keep up to date by following Chainpoint on Twitter. The Discord Community is one of the best places learn about Chainpoint and get answers to your questions.