EVRYTHNG announced they’re using Chainpoint to track the provenance of consumer goods throughout the supply chain. Consumers can now verify that provenance data has not been altered after being recorded in the EVRYTHNG platform.

Tierion and EVRYTHNG Partner to track the supply chain provenance of consumer goods for leading brands.


EVRYTHNG helps leading brands manage billions of product identities, collect real-time data from IoT devices, and track product provenance throughout the supply chain. EVRYTHNG customers include General ElectricCoca ColaiHomeDiageo, and Avery Dennison.

How do Tierion and EVRYTHNG work together?

EVRYTHNG is using Chainpoint to track the manufacturing and supply chain history of consumer products. Data about each step of the process is recorded using EPCIS transactions in the EVRYTHNG platform. Chainpoint is used to anchor the transaction data to the Bitcoin blockchain, giving consumers a provable audit trail that shows how products are brought to market.

Barry the Smartbear’s provenance tracked using GS1 and Chainpoint.

How is the blockchain used?

Chainpoint lets software developers link data to the blockchain. This process generates a Chainpoint proof, which can be used to prove the data is linked to a point on the chain — hence the name Chainpoint. Blockchains are notoriously slow. Bitcoin can process about four transactions per second. Ethereum can process approximately fifteen transactions per second. Chainpoint overcomes these scalability limitations by linking thousands or even millions of Chainpoint proofs to a single transaction.

How can I learn more about Chainpoint?

If you’re a software developer, you can learn more about Chainpoint by visiting our web site or GitHub repo.

Chainpoint Web SiteChainpoint Web Site

Each Chainpoint Node has a HTTP API. There’s also a Chainpoint Javascript client that can be used in browser and Node.js based applications.


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