Our Current Community

Tierion has an active community with thousands of members. Discussions primarily take place on Discord and Telegram. Conversation topics include technical assistance, node operations, and the occasional meme in the #random channel.

What’s Changing?

We are introducing community guidelines so our community platforms can continue to be a place for engagement, growth, and learning for everyone.

Tierion’s new guidelines maintain the same core principles as our old “bullet points”. They clearly define “do’s” and “don’ts”. Do’s include common sense principles around respect, conversation topics, and helping others. Also defined are ways to engage, learn and grow with the Tierion community. Don’t’s is a clear list of counterproductive behaviors that are not allowed. You’ll also find a “Basics” section introducing Tierion with top-level explanations and lots and lots of links.

Moderating Tierion’s Community Channels

We’re giving community members the opportunity to help with moderation. Community moderators will be chosen by the Tierion team.

Tierion has several channels where conversations take place in a variety of languages other than English. For example, #local-fr is a Discord channel where Tierion conversations are held in French. We’re looking for assistance from moderators who speak German, French, Russian, Japanese and/or Mandarin Chinese.

How to Become a Moderator

If you’d like to become a Community Moderator, send a message to [Team] Kate on Discord with why you believe you are a good candidate.