Each month, we showcase a company that uses Chainpoint. This month, we’re doing something different by featuring an open source project. Developer Russ Michell has created a module for SilverStripe that makes it simple for developers to anchor data and documents to Bitcoin. We talked with Russ about his project and his experience working with Chainpoint.

What is SilverStripe Verifiable?

SilverStripe Verifiable is a configurable content verification module for SilverStripe applications. It lets content authors and developers use Chainpoint to create a timestamp proof for any content element.

How can I learn more about Chainpoint?

Chainpoint allows software developers link data to the blockchain. This process generates a Chainpoint proof, which can be used to prove the data is linked to a point on the chain — hence the name Chainpoint.

Blockchains are notoriously slow. Bitcoin can process about four transactions per second. Ethereum can process approximately fifteen transactions per second. Chainpoint overcomes these scalability limitations by linking thousands or even millions of Chainpoint proofs to a single transaction.

If you’re a software developer, you can learn more about Chainpoint by visiting the Chainpoint web site or GitHub repo. Follow @chainpnt on Twitter.

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