Tierion is proud to announce we’ve joined Hyperledger and the Linux Foundation. Our team has worked with many of Hyperledger’s 250+ members for several years. This new partnership is an opportunity to accelerate the adoption of Chainpoint.

“We look forward to working with the Hyperledger community to accelerate the adoption of Chainpoint, and help organizations reduce the cost and complexity of trust.”

Wayne Vaughan, Tierion CEO

Chainpoint & Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is one of the most popular platforms for building blockchain applications. Chainpoint brings the security of the Bitcoin blockchain to Hyperledger Fabric. For example, at the 2018 Consensus Hackathon, several winning teams combined Chainpoint and Hyperledger Fabric to track supply chain activity. Using Chainpoint to anchor the state of Fabric to Bitcoin, guarantees that previous transactions can’t be modified.

How can I learn more about Chainpoint?

Chainpoint allows software developers to link data to the blockchain. This process generates a Chainpoint proof, which can be used to prove the data is linked to a point on the chain— hence the name Chainpoint.

Blockchains are notoriously slow. Bitcoin can process about four transactions per second. Ethereum can process approximately fifteen transactions per second. Chainpoint overcomes these scalability limitations by linking thousands or even millions of Chainpoint proofs to a single transaction.

Software developers can learn more about Chainpoint by visiting the Chainpoint web site or GitHub repo. Follow @chainpnt on Twitter.

Chainpoint Web SiteChainpoint Web Site

About Hyperledger

Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology. The Linux Foundation hosts Hyperledger under the foundation. To learn more, visit: https://www.hyperledger.org/.