This week, the Tierion Network added 1,000 nodes, our team released a Chainpoint Client library, and the Chainpoint CLI was updated to version 1.2.0. Rewards doubled from 500 TNT to 1,000 TNT.

Additional Registered Nodes

On November 29th at 10:00am PT an additional one thousand nodes registered on the Tierion network. Depending on the results of testing, it may be possible to add additional registered nodes next week.

Chainpoint Client (beta)

The new Chainpoint Client makes it even easier to develop software that uses Chainpoint. This javascript client can be used in both Browser and Node.js based Javascript applications using callback functions, Promises (using .then.catch), or Promises (using async/await) functional styles.

The first javascript client release is a beta. We encourage developers to test the client and submit any issues to the Chainpoint Client Github repo.

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Chainpoint Node 1.3.2 Released

Node operators should upgrade to version 1.3.2. This new version allows the new Chainpoint Client to better communicate with Nodes. Upgrading takes a few seconds.

The number of registered nodes will increase throughout the launch phase. During this time, there will be updates to the software, network, and node requirements.

Chainpoint CLI Improvements

Version 1.2.0 of the Chainpoint CLI has been released. The new CLI automatically submits hashes to multiple nodes. This ensures you can retrieve a Chainpoint proof if one of the nodes goes offline before the proof is fully anchored into Bitcoin. The speed of updating proofs from nodes has also greatly improved.

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Our team is increasing the size and frequency of large scale testing of the network. Node operators will see periods of traffic. This is normal.

Follow development on Github.