This week is Thanksgiving and everyone at Tierion is thankful for the community supporting the Tierion Network. We’re especially grateful to node operators and the developers contributing feedback on Github.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Tierion

Node Registration

Node registration will open on November 29th at 10:00am PT (18:00 UTC). An additional one thousand nodes will be able to register. The reward per period will increase from 500 TNT to 1,000 TNT.

The registration process is simple. Node operators should upgrade to version 1.3.1. Upgrading takes a few seconds. Nodes will automatically attempt to register when upgraded.

IMPORTANT: Version 1.3.1 of the Chainpoint Node software will be released moments before registration opens. All registered nodes must upgrade to be eligible for rewards.

The number of registered nodes will increase throughout the launch phase. During this time, there will be updates to the software, network, and node requirements.

Chainpoint CLI Improvements

A new version of the Chainpoint CLI will be released next week. The new CLI automatically submits hashes to multiple nodes. This ensures you can retrieve a full Chainpoint proof if one of the nodes goes offline before the proof is fully anchored into Bitcoin.

Proof verification has been upgraded. The CLI now verifies large sets of proofs over twelve times faster. The speed of updating proofs from nodes has also greatly improved.

Chainpoint Javascript Client

A new Javascript client will be released next week. This new client makes it even easier to develop software that uses Chainpoint. It works in both Node.js and in the browser. The first javascript client release will be a beta. Developers, please help make it better.

New Exchanges

Tierion Network Tokens ($TNT) are now available at both Huobi and Binance.


Our team is increasing the size and frequency of large scale testing of the network. Node operators will see periods of traffic. This is normal.

Follow development on Github.

Our team thanks everyone helping improve the Tierion Network. Follow Tierion on Twitter to keep up with news and announcements.