Node registration will open on November 6th at 9:00am PT (17:00 UTC). An additional three hundred nodes will be able to register.

The registration process is simple. Node operators should upgrade to version 1.2.2. The process takes about 15 seconds. Nodes will automatically attempt to register when started.

IMPORTANT: Version 1.2.2 of the Chainpoint Node software will be released moments before registration opens.

Our team is continuing to test the network. Node operators will see periods of traffic. This is normal. Testing will continue for several days. Registration of additional nodes will open when this round of testing has been completed.

The registered node count will increase throughout the launch phase, which we expect to last several weeks. During this time, we’ll be making updates to the software, network, and node requirements.

Our team thanks everyone helping improve the Tierion Network. Follow Tierion on Twitter to keep up with news and announcements.